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 Insurance Claim Assistance


Did you have damage from a hail or windstorm? Please, don’t be fooled by contractors calling themselves claims specialists and the storm chasers that come and go.


We work with all insurance companies and can direct bill them on your behalf. With your authorization, we can handle every step of the damage estimating and repairs of your property quickly.


Did you know that you actually need two different types of estimates?


First and most importantly you need one extremely detailed estimate of the damages that your insurance company is liable for, and another estimate for the repairs that you actually want done. The first estimate is by far the most difficult to get because most sales people are not trained how to use insurance estimating software and how to observe and document damages. Insurance adjusters are specially trained to observe damage, estimate quickly, and apply coverage according to your policy.


Until an adjuster examines your property there is no point in getting estimates because contractors can’t apply coverage. If your insurance company denies the claim for damage what’s the point in getting estimates? Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s getting bids for work that you can’t be sure your insurance company will pay for. This is why all the contractors swarming your hail damaged neighborhood tell you that their bid is your deductible and your insurance company will pay the difference for the approved repairs.


How do you qualify these fast talking, door knocking insurance claim know-it-alls? Ask them to show you a sample insurance estimate that they have prepared for another client! If they don’t or can’t use insurance estimating software then they’re pretending to be a “claim specialist” or “insurance team member” or whatever gimmicky scheme they’re using to gain your confidence to let them work directly with your insurance company.


Ignorant estimators who can’t measure, document and prepare claims properly cost consumers millions in lost claim benefits every year. We use Xactimate, along with curring edge technologies such as Geo Estimator, the damage estimating software preferred by over 80% of the insurance companies. Our estimates get approved quicker and for more money more accurately.


We prepare your insurance claim estimates so your insurance adjuster can easily approve the repairs estimated.


Disputed claims are our specialty. We have yet to see a claim where we and a reasonable insurance adjuster haven’t come to an agreement on.


If you have a claim, then we can help regardless of where you are in the claim process. Please call us now to assist you.