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Hail damage!

How we can help. We offer a free, no-obligation inspection of your home to determine the extent of your damages and what can be done to fix the affected areas.


All work is guaranteed and will be performed in accordance with all state and local laws. Get the best quality for your insurance settlement, not the cheapest price.


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What can hail do to my home?


Hail may not show any immediate signs of damage to your roof. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball to bruise or break through your roof. Older roofs will be damaged much easier than newer roofs because roofing materials become more brittle over time.


You usually will not find leaks caused by hail but that doesn't mean that you do not have severe damage. Hail gives shingles bruises that will expand and contract over time with the seasonal temperature changes and the suns UV rays. Those bruises will turn into holes and then YOU WILL HAVE LEAKS.


What looks like a small 'ding' to a home owner or untrained eye can actually be significant damage. That is why you should consider contacting a roofing professional to evaluate your roof at the first sign of damage.


Hail damage comparison - 1 inch hail damage (left), compared to golfball or larger (right).